Mission Statement

As a small independent film company Paladin Movies International (PMI) is undertaking what you may consider to be one of the most important missions in the film and music industries. In an age when Clear Channel(s) has become the new AT&Ts; and corporate and government interests have instituted   zoning and other regulations that outlaw dance clubs in places such as NYC in the USA, artistic expression is under siege as never before possibly The Inquisition. As a result, it is the mission of PMI to digitally produce, mass communicate, and disseminate visual media of artistic expression, to preserve the messages and inspiration society requires to evolve.

Most recently, PMI has produced three (3) music videos in South Africa that set a standard for excellence and professionalism, to provide a benchmark as well as a platform and to invite other young artists with potential to develop their talent, and contribute, to the development of their communities as well as society. The artists are still here but the venues are gone. Therefore, it is the objective of PMI to produce visual media that illustrates the artists, art, and the messages are not lost, to show the world artistic expression is still alive and rich with entertainment that has relevant messages and inspiration. 

Based on the results of feasibility studies conducted in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, PMI has established cooperative business agreements with talent, crew, and personnel to produce videos documenting a strategies to serve, train and mentor youth interested in the construction and housing repair trades based on the YouthBuild model in the USA, and also strategies for youth with talent who need support to be productive in the entertainment field; in addition to disenfranchised and working poor women willing to be Big Sisters to homeless youth.  PMI is also demonstrating that doing business honestly, fairly, doing the best job, and doing good works is the most sustainable and profitable  method of doing business.

Currently, PMI seeks partners to develop multifaceted youth, woman, and community development programs that can serve as pilot projects and a global model for change in impoverished communities.

For further information you may contact Ron Benson, the Creative Director of PMI via Skype at: 213.985.2603 in the USA or 076.373.5527 in South Africa, or via email at: rb1015@nova.edu  

Our Motto is Honesty, Fairness, Doing the Best Job to Do Good Works
 is the Most Sustainable and Profitable Method of Doing Business


Invest In Youth & Invest In The Future™
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